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The Crashing Value of the Dollar is About to Destroy your IRA or 401(k)

Gold Guide

For $100,000 IRA or 401(k) Portfolios & Up… this “Loophole” could help

Are you worried your money isn’t buying what it used to?

You’re not alone. We all see our dollars buying less at the grocery store.

Which means the value of your retirement savings is being crushed.

What really makes us worry is …

  • When the Fed pumps trillions (that’s “t”, not “b”) into the economy, your $$ are worth less!
  • When China gets the dollar replaced by the yuan on the world scene, your $$ are worth less!
  • When a new coronavirus wave demands even MORE Fed action, your $$ are worth less!

Our nation’s political outcomes are uncertain, too. Which makes us wonder if we’ll even get to retire…

A dried-up U.S. dollar is great for people overseas buying American goods.

But NOT for Americans who’ve saved for a lifetime!

I’d like to show you what’s really going on – before it’s too late.

I’m Devlyn Steele, Augusta’s senior economic analyst and member of the Harvard Business Analytics program.

In this helpful guide for people with 100,000 dollars or more in retirement accounts, I offer shocking behind-the-scenes info about the U.S. dollar and our economy

They say you can’t fight the Fed, but you can protect your savings with physical gold & this IRS “loophole.”

Yale AND Harvard analysts agree gold could zoom to $3,000/oz!

Get this guide and start protecting your retirement immediately.

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Devlyn Steele
Senior Economic Analyst, Augusta Precious Metals
Harvard Business School Analytics Program Member