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consolidate your debt with a credit card

Get the Credit Card You Need

6 Tips For The Best Credit Card Use Here are our deciding points for determining the best credit cards to use. Before applying for any credit card, there are some things you need to think about. This is especially true if you have a mediocre credit score and not a lot of income. People with […]

How to Save Money on Your Car

When you need to save money, you want to take a look at the money you spend on your car. Depending on your choice of car or SUV, you could be spending money unnecessarily. When things get tight economically, there are several things you can do to spend less on your getting around. Car Payments […]

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Free Courses for Seniors

Life does not need to stop after you retire or become semi-retired. You still want to learn more and possibly even desire to pursue a second career. There are many courses available to seniors completely free. You may even be able to earn a degree – or another one. Why Take More Courses If you […]

Bad Spending Habits You Need to Stop Now

Everything you do in life is going to affect you in one way or another in the future. How you spend your money now must be included in that list. By taking a long look at your future finances, bad spending habits could be hurting you in as many as 10 different ways. 1. Keeping […]

Student Loans

How To Reduce Student Loans and Pay Them Faster

Finishing your college education is a major achievement that should make you proud – whether you get a 4-year degree or go all the way through graduate school. After that task has been completed, paying off your student loans will come next. This can take years to accomplish. However, there are ways to reduce your […]

Get a Secured Credit Card That Gives You Cash Back

A secured credit card makes an excellent tool to rebuild or boost your credit score. When you get one, the important thing is to pay your bills on time each month. If you pay off the bill in full each month, you will also avoid paying any interest. Only one secured credit card will give […]

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When Is the Best Time to Claim Social Security?

Most people look forward to retirement. Each person must decide when the best time is to start retirement because every person’s situation will be different. You need to take the size of your social security benefits into consideration in order to determine the best time to claim social security. You Can Start Social Security at […]

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How to Reduce Debt and Save Money in 2021

2020 has clearly revealed that people need to save more money. Even though the government has handed some out, it is not enough for many people. To be better prepared for 2021, you need to save money. This will be easier to do after you reduce your debt. Debt Consolidation Companies If you are considering […]

How to Make Passive Income

Working for someone else will never make you rich or give you a lot of money. The best way to get the money you want for the things you want is to develop passive income. This type of income requires little work to keep it going. Although it will not happen overnight, having little effort […]

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Is It Better to Lease or Buy a Car?

Buying another car means you are facing a lot of decisions. That includes getting a luxury, sports, or economy style, gas or hybrid, big or small, the color, and more. You also must choose between new or used, American- or foreign-made. One more decision that often enters the puzzle is if you should buy or […]