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Save Money on Prescriptions – 8 Simple Tips

Getting the right medications when you need them is important for your health and the health of your family.

Prescriptions can be very expensive, sometimes more expensive than you can afford. Knowing how to save money and where to go for help can enable you to get the medications you need. You can save money on your prescriptions in the following ways:

1. Go for the generic brands

Most medications these days have a generic version that will cost much less – possibly even as much as 300% less. There may even be an over-the-counter version for some medicines that may work nearly as well. Ask your doctor prescribing the medicine, or the pharmacist, if there is a less expensive version. Generic versions will only exist for medications that have been around for a while, but other medications that produce similar results may be less expensive.

2. Go to Walmart or a similar large store

Some of the large chain stores will offer special discounts on certain medicines. They will usually run $3 or $4 per 30-day supply of the more common medicines, or $10 for a supply of 90-days. These stores will have a list of medications that are included in this price range.

3. Get online coupons

Drug manufacturers and stores will occasionally provide coupons for reduced prices on medications. Stores may also have an app that will let you get a discount.

4. Apply for financial assistance

Various agencies, including non-profit groups, state and local governments, Medicare, and sometimes even the manufacturers of prescription drugs may provide help when you need it. For help, you can go to the Medicine Assistance Tool website or to the Medicare site to find help in your state.

5. Buy larger quantities

Like most other products, you will usually get a discount when you buy a bigger supply. Instead of a 30-day supply, ask for a 90-day supply. This will also enable you to make just one copay. This approach can help you save money on medications that you take regularly.

6. Shop around

Two different pharmacies will have two different prices. Call drug stores in your area before buying and find out which one charges less. Some phone apps can do this for you, helping you discover the lowest price in your area. Two apps that will help with this are GoodRx and WeRx.\

7. Use a mail-order pharmacy

Ordering your prescription medications through the mail will help you save money. Although you will not have the luxury of getting them immediately, you will usually get them shortly. To use them, your doctor will need to send the prescription directly to the company and then it will be delivered to you.

8. Get samples from the doctor

Pharmaceutical companies make regular visits to doctors’ offices and will often provide them with free samples. Your doctor may have some on hand of the kind you need. You may need to ask about them, and the doctor will usually be glad to hand them out if they have some on hand.

Using insurance may not always be cheaper. Even if your health insurance plan covers it, you still may pay more in your copay than what the medicine will cost without it. Ask the pharmacist for the cost without insurance and they will be glad to tell you.

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