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Rely on financial assistance during Covid

Financial Assistance Tips Save More 2021

If you’re reading this, you’ve made it through 2020. However, your savings have undoubtedly taken a hit if you’re among the many affected by the pandemic’s lasting financial destabilization. Unemployment due to the Covid-19 pandemic hit its peak in April of 2020, nearing 15% of the nation’s population, and has stayed steadily near seven percent since October. Financial assistance comes in many forms. Now might be the perfect time to seek it.

If you’re struggling financially or feel like you need to be saving more, we here at Slimmer Payments have compiled our favorite ways to save more money, get your finances in order, and treat yourself–because you deserve it more than ever heading into 2021.

Seeking professional financial assistance

Do you ever find yourself saying “I want to save more”? Yet, no matter how many budget apps you download, spreadsheets you calculate, and motivational blogs you read, you come up short at the end of every month? 

Then it’s time to seek professional financial assistance.

Finding someone you can trust to manage your money and give sound financial advice can be daunting. You want to find a neutral third-party that can lay the groundwork for your more financially stable future while promoting growth in your personal habits. If you want to find the best financial advisor, you can easily search for financial professionals in your area or that will fit your exact needs.

Peace of mind through better insurance

Insurance exists for almost anything today. If you care about it, someone will insure it. That being said, here are our favorite ways to discover better insurance rates, deals, and that elusive peace of mind.

Find better life insurance rates

This is the big one. 2020 revealed a grim reality that most of us had written off. However, if you’re seeking life insurance for the first time or uncovering unsavory tactics and practices of certain health providers during the pandemic, there’s no better time to find the perfect fit.

Find better, cheaper auto insurance

Chances are, you could afford to save more on your driving experience. Gas prices are set to skyrocket once the pandemic slows and it’s becoming more expensive to finance new vehicles. So, it’s important to reduce what you can in the form of better or new auto insurance. Once again, we know of a perfect service to assist with this if you want to cut out all the heavy lifting. Find out how to save the most on your auto insurance.

Also, did you know that gas credit cards exist? Discover how you can save more at the pump.

Improve your home insurance coverage

Having endured a natural disaster last year that caused two trees to fall on my home, I am quick to suggest finding a much better home insurance provider. Even if you think yours is the best, you might be surprised. You can go about finding the right home insurance yourself or use this nifty home insurance search engine.

A new suggestion: Burial insurance

In the event of an unexpected incident or illness, you still want your family taken care of. Burial insurance ensures that you provide peace of mind if the day ever comes. Coverage tends to focus on the costs of burial, cremation, and the costs surrounding services. Find out more about burial insurance here.

Upgrading Your Technology for 2021

Let’s say you’re comfortable with your insurance premiums and feel prepared to save more this year than ever before. Why not consider a gift for yourself or loved ones to start the year off right? Here is our collection of favorite spots to find the best, inexpensive tech to upgrade for 2021.

Still dreaming of something between a bulky laptop and your phone? Ready to update from an older model? This handy guide will assist in finding the best tablet for you.

Do you know what’s better than fast? Faster. Take your mobile experience and enhance it with the latest 5G phones on the market.

We’re all in the same storm, but on different boats. Why not make yours an Alaskan cruise? The cabins are cleaner and the rates are more affordable than ever.

Want to chat about saving more? Head over to our LinkedIn page and tell us how you survived in 2020 and how you plan to save in 2021.

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