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10 Ways to Save More Money

Making ends meet in difficult times means that you need to find more ways to get money. Most people can save more money simply by tightening the belt and eliminating some extra expenditures. Here are 10 money saving tips that will help you save money.

1. Set Up an Automatic Savings Plan

One of the easy ways to save money occurs when you are working for an employer that puts your pay in the bank through direct deposit. This may enable you to set up an automatic savings plan. Your employer may be able to split your check and deposit part of it into your checking plan and the other part into a savings plan. You simply decide how much goes into each account.

2. Create a List When Grocery Shopping

All too often, when there is no list, you will be tempted to buy extra things when shopping in a grocery store. Making a list before going and sticking to it will help you spend within your budget and still enjoy good meals.

3. Avoid Impulse Buying

Many purchases are made on the spur of the moment. Then buyer’s remorse sets in. Avoid impulse buying by waiting at least a day before purchasing extras.

4. Lower the Electric Bill

Setting your thermostat a couple of degrees higher in the summer and a little lower in the winter will let you save more money. By the end of the year, you could save hundreds of dollars.

5. Eat at Home More

Even with fast-food restaurant coupons, it will still cost you a lot more if you eat out often rather than eating at home. Home-cooked meals are not only much cheaper, but they are also healthier, especially when they are planned and balanced.

6. Create a Retirement Plan

Saving money for retirement can give you security for your future and it will do it with interest. Some retirement plans will also give you a tax deduction, too, which means you get to keep more money in your pocket each paycheck.

7. Buy When on Sale

When you need or want a higher-priced item that is not a necessity, look for it to be on sale before buying. It will also be better to pay cash for it than to put it on a credit card. Paying credit card interest on it will only negate the value of the money you saved – costing you even more.

8. Cellphone and Internet Service

Keep the same model of cellphone for more than one year, but you may consider switching companies for a lower cellphone bill. Other companies may have less expensive plans and better deals.

9. Reduce Credit Card Debt

If you tend to keep a balance on your credit card, you are likely paying a considerable amount of interest each month. This is unnecessary waste. Save money on interest by working to pay down the debt and not charging anything else while doing it. Getting a balance transfer credit card and transferring credit card debt to it can give you an interest-free period of up to a year or more to reduce your debt.

10. Compare Insurance

If you have car and homeowner’s insurance, you may be able to find a better deal. Insurance companies are highly competitive and you may be surprised at how much money you could save with one company versus another.

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