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More Much Needed COVID Relief…

housing crisis due to pandemic

Help for Renters Who Have Lost Their Jobs

If you are a renter and have lost your job because of coronavirus, you may be eligible for financial help. Your location will affect your ability to obtain the help you need.

FHA Homebuyers Are Covered

Homebuyers with a mortgage from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) have been given a general eviction moratorium until next year. It covers single-family mortgages that are FHA insured but does not cover mortgages that have been secured by properties that are abandoned or vacant.

Renters Have Several Financial Options

If unemployed, local and state governments are here to help – in addition to the unemployment checks. Talk to your landlord. Making a payment arrangement may help avoid eviction.

People who are in housing that is federally subsidized qualify for a rent reduction. You cannot be evicted or charged late fees for as long as they have forbearance.

Help From State Governments Will Vary

Don’t forget President Trump’s unemployment benefits extension. Since Congress could not come to an agreement on a new economic stimulus package, President Trump passed an Executive Order extended unemployment benefits at the rate of $400 per week. This is a drop from the previous amount of $600 per week.

The Executive Order expected states to provide $100 per week on top of the federal government’s $300 per week to bring it up to $400. Not all states have elected to do this. Many people will only be getting $300 per week for unemployment. This benefit will last until the end of the year.

Eviction Procedures

Landlords must follow a procedure before eviction. They may try to evict you on their own by applying various means of pressure. However, they cannot do so legally. They are required to get a court order before an eviction is considered legal. A 30-day notice must be given and it must be for non-payment of rent.

Currently, whether or not eviction proceedings will be heard in court is up to each state.

Utility shutoffs are not allowed in some states until the emergency is over. Some local areas are conducting eviction proceedings via telephone. No fees can be charged for late rent payments. Be sure to check with your local and state government agencies for further help and advice if you are facing difficulties.

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